Client Testimonial

Angalee A:

Myopathic Muscular Therapy with Osmarina Santana


I tried Myopathic Muscular Therapy and LOVED it! While Osmarina conducts herself professionally she also manages to be one of the most compassionate individuals that I have ever encountered. She miraculously locates the areas on my body that need attention, works on the region and expertly moves to the next section. She can work your muscles as gently or as deep as you like. Just tell her your preference. I walk out of her sessions feeling renewed and can’t wait for our next appointment. Try it!


Sonia M.: Great massage service and experience

Ms. Santana has been my massage service provider for several years and her treatments have always been very helpful and a positive experience for my overall health.


Donald M: Simply outstanding

I have had massage therapy in Europe, Japan, Hawaii, and countless other places. I consider myself to be extremely fortunate to have finally found the best of the best. Osmarina at the Myopathic Muscular Therapy Clinic is simply outstanding in every respect. I have had back surgery, problems with cramping, and other issues. Previous massages were just “feel good” ones. But Osmarina’s therapeutic massages directly deal with the specific issues. I am a very satisfied customer.



C.F.: top of Her Field

Osmarina is an artist when it comes to massage. After surviving a terrible accident leaving me with residual nerve pain, her massages help to calm all the muscle spasms down. I call her when I need a tune-up to get back on track with my activities.


Michelle S.:  My amazing massage experience



Laura F:  Osmarina is amazing!


Kim Williams:  Healing Hands


Angalee A.:  New Year, New You

You must try myopathic muscular therapy with Osmarina. You won’t regret it. If you want to take better care of your health in 2015 this is the ideal way to get started. I love it!! It’s therapeutic and the doctor prescribed. Seriously, my plastic surgeon recently told me to massage my scars!


Rick Nelson:  Excellent caring professional care!

I have been receiving massage therapy from Osmarina Santana for 2-3 years on a weekly basis. As a retired Mindbody therapist, I would recommend Osmarina to my Clients, were I still in practice. Osmarina has helped me heal from chronic pain from being rear-ended three times and the sequela of severe osteoarthritis. Her massage has enabled me to maintain my mobility and deal with chronic pain. I have recommended her to my friends and ex-clients who contact me.


Susan B.:  Healing Hands

I have been seeing Osmarina for the past several years and highly recommend her. She’s a natural healer and in addition, is a master of relaxation techniques such as polarity for balancing and reflexology. She tailors every session to the needs of the individual and my health continues to improve with every massage. In addition, she’s very caring and cares deeply about the well-being of her clients. I’m very fortunate to have been referred to her.


Eileen M.:  The best therapist I have ever been for pain!

The first time I went to see Osmarina I was so impressed with how she made me feel. She worked on my painful upper back and neck areas and afterward I felt better than I had felt in years! The deep tissue work she does literally pushes the pain out of my body. She is a very caring professional, and always asks if anything she is doing is making me uncomfortable. I would recommend her to anyone who is in pain or wants to do something special for their own relaxation and well being.


Donald M.;  Outstanding!

Osmarina is simply outstanding. She is a skilled practitioner, providing professional service as a massage therapist. I have had back issues and hamstring cramps for years. Her massage therapy has worked wonders for me. I recommend her without hesitation.


Patricia Porter:  Felt 100% better!

Went in from a Groupon. Osmarina knows her craft. She has very talented hands. She helped relieve foot pain, and a persistent neck issue.


Arlene F.:  Compassionate Massage Therapist

Let me start my review by saying that Osmarina is one of a kind. She’s compassionate and extremely thoughtful. I have gone to several massage therapist in the past few years and none compared to what Osmarina makes me feel after every session. She takes time to listen to where my body aches and concentrate on those that needs special attention. She also gives free advice and help you achieve a healthy lifestyle. If there is 10 stars I will definitely give Osmarina the higher available.


Anne Helmcke:  awesome

I highly recommend this place. Osmarina is super knowledgeable and has been a tremendous help to me in recovering from shoulder surgery, and now am seeing her for hip/leg issues. The office atmosphere is welcoming and relaxing and the focus is 100% on you. I could stay there all day!


Evan .P

Osmarina is amazing, her work has been very helpful in my recovery from back pain issues related to disc and nerve problems. I’d highly recommend a visit with her, her unique therapy is quite different from most other conventional massage therapies I have received over the years – thanks Osmarina!


Joan Kerns

Osmarina is amazing, her work has been very helpful in my recovery from back pain issues related to disc and nerve problems. I’d highly recommend a visit with her, her unique therapy is quite different from most other conventional massage therapies I have received over the years – thanks Osmarina!


Osmarina is a true gem! She is not only a healer in helping her clients feel better, but also a gifted educator of this specific modality. She truly cares and tunes in with you and your condition. Her skills, together with intuition and grounded energy makes for a perfect healing environment. I highly recommend Myopathic Muscular Therapy for any conditions or injuries causing tension and pain. Osmarina will definitely facilitate a transformative recovery.


Carole B
Osmarina’s intuitive touch locates and relieves areas of pain, restoring my body’s balance and well-being. The relaxing ambience of the massage room and music lends itself to a wonderful experience.