What is Myopathic Muscular Therapy?


Myopathic Muscular Therapy was developed by Dr. Claude Clarence Heckman, DO. Myopathic Muscular Therapy is indicated to reduce and eliminate muscle, nerve, tendon and ligament pain from chronic or acute injuries. It has proven effective time and time again to restore normal functioning to damaged soft tissues caused by injury, illness and degeneration.

Myopathic Muscular Therapy is based on the Osteopathic principle that normal body function depends on normal body structure. Pain in muscle tissue is the result of inflammation caused by a disturbance in the blood and nerve supply to a specific region. All blood and nerve supply travels through muscle tissue which is the only tissue in the body that can become tense and retain tension.

Myopathic Muscular Therapy reduces residual tension (tension above normal) and restores normal blood and nerve supply via progressive relaxation of the muscle.

Progressive relaxation is accomplished by:

  • Rest
  • Heat
  • Myopathic Muscular Treatment to the definitely contractured muscles with the hands, fingers and elbows.