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Myopathic Muscular Therapy Clinic
4610 200th ST SW Suite N – Lynnwood, WA 98036

  Phone: (206) 941-3437   
  Osmarina Santana, LMP, MyP License# MA6448  Member MMTA, NCBTMB, AMTA
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M54.2 Neck Pain and stiffness 846.0 Lumbosacral Sprain
723.4 Upper Extremities:
BrachialNeuritis / Radiculitis
847.0 Cervical Sprain/Strain
724.3 Sciatica S233XXD Thoracic Sprain/Strain
724.4 Lumbosacral/Thoracic
or Radiculitis (Lower Extremities)
S335XXD Lumbar Sprain/Strain
729.1 Fibromyalgia/Myalgia/Mytosis 847.3 Sacral Sprain/Strain
Other DX:
Modalities / Procedures
97140 – Manual Therapy                                           97124 – Massage therapy              
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