Workshop Feedback

Workshop feedback

I now believe MMT is the  link  missing from the mainstream massage world.  Why this therapy is not more well known is a mystery. So effectively deep without being deep. Gentle on the therapist and the client. this is the magic bullet I want in my tool belt.  The chronic tension in shoulders and neck that always comes back the day after a traditional massage – hasn’t come back in the last 48 hours- a first for me.  Osmarina is golden.

Christopher Doolin, LMP

Everett, WA


What a wonderful class! A whole new way of doing bodywork that is so much easier on my body AND more effective for the patients. My neck and shoulder feel so much better! I really learned a lot in the class. Every moment was valuable.

Rebecca Linse, LMP

Tacoma, Washington


The work is more specific than standard massage techniques and much more easier on me as a practitioner. My neck and right shoulder are aligned and in proper position now. Osmarina’s extensive knowledge of MMT from the first class brought me back to MMT II.    I want to take MMT III.

Sheri Bussey, LMP

Shelton, Washington


Osmarina is a delightful instructor. She was very clear, focused and specific as she guided us through the process. There were only 4 students in the class which enabled us to have a lot of contact from the instructor which, I think, is invaluable. To have the instructor work on you gives you a comparison when a student follows. An excellent class!

Catherine Seiffert, LMP
Port Townsend, Washington

I feel that it will help with my practice by adding more benefit to my clients.

Arlene Brown, LMP
Marysville, Washington

Excellent instructor! Excellent material!

Fredrick D. Baker, LMP
Shoreline, Washington

Easier on body. Less is more even though I have to be reminded. I loved the neck work. I used it on my husband after 1st day – he fell asleep. It also decreased his lower back pain.

JoLynne L. Abbe, LMP
Snohomish, Washington

I will definitely use these techniques with my clients. Loved the Whiplash Syndrome Technique

Andrea Kirn, LMP
Port Orchard, Washington

Overall I thought the class was great. I thought I would be learning some more stuff because of the way the class was advertised, but after the two day workshop, I understand it would be too much. The information I have learned was fantastic and useful. I am looking forward to integrating it into my practice. I plan on completing the series!

Jennifer Paloma, LMP
Olympia, Washington

This workshop was wonderful. I’m glad to learn a gentle therapy that is effective and easy for me to do. The instructor was extremely knowledgeable. When I came to the workshop, I had low back issues, TMJ / Sinus discomfort and chronic tension on the left side of my neck. By the end of the first day, it was all gone.

Angela Irvine, LMP
Tukwila, Washington

I was surprised to see how subtle everything really was – I expected it to be more clinical and “treatment” oriented. I’m glad and was totally satisfied that it was not.

Nicole Shoemaker, LMP
Moses Lake, Washington

Gentle, direct therapy capable of quick results. Neck/Whiplash procedures effective and will go into my process and practice immediately.

Rom Goblick, LMP
Spokane, Washington